Comments From Satisfied Customers

"Marty, I opened the box with that bursted body in it today and man that is the nicest finish and burst I have ever laid my eyes upon! Stellar and I mean STELLAR job!!!! Thanks for such a nice job my friend. That paint job is the envy of all the boys in the shop!"
--Tommy Rosamond

"Marty Knapp at Knappster Guitar put the beautiful tobacco sunburst on my Trimmed and Burnin Belly Boy Tele. He does great work and I am a very happy guitar picker!"
--Blues Hall-of-famer, Johnny Mannion

"Man I have to tell you, I get so many comments on how beautiful my guitar is! You did an incredible job on my finish! Every time I open up my case and see that beautiful finish and get that sweet Nitro smell I am in heaven. Just wanted you to know that after a year I am still smitten with my guitar. Thanks for your part in it! Nice job!"

"I received the body over the weekend, and WOW, you did an absolutely fantastic job with the finish. I am overwhelmingly impressed with how it turned out! Thank you so much for taking the time to do an impeccable finish job on this body!"
-Marc V.


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